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What Can a Cardiac MRI Diagnose?

Due to unhealthy lifestyles, the number of people affected by heart disease has risen to an all-time high. More than 600,000 deaths were caused by heart related diseases in 2015. Research shows that most of the people who succumbed from these diseases died due to lack of treatment, while others started receiving treatment when it was too late. Cardiac MRIs are life-saving procedures that can help detect any cardiac problem before it gets out of control. If you are wondering what a Cardiac MRI is, here is a quick detailed look at what a Cardiac MRI can help diagnose and why you need it today.

What Can a Cardiac MRI Diagnose?

MRIs use large magnets and special radio waves to present an accurate picture of your body’s internal organs. Cardiac MRIs deal with the heart and are meant to ascertain that the heart is working properly and detect any problem with your cardiac system. A cardiac MRI can help diagnose problems such as coronary artery diseases, pericardial diseases (diseases affecting the outside lining of the heart), heart tumors, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart valve disease, and even provide images of your pumping cycle. The aforementioned problems can all be fatal if left untreated. That’s why many doctors have added Cardiac MRIs to their treatment plans when a problem is suspected.

How often should you go for Cardiac MRIs?

Since a large number of heart diseases are hereditary, it is important to always have regular MRIs, even if you are leading a healthy lifestyle. MRIs don’t use radiation; therefore, they are not painful nor harmful long term. You should speak with your doctor about the importance of having a cardiac MRI done at your bi-annual physical, especially as you approach the age of 45 when heart disease becomes most prevalent. Cardiac MRIs may also be recommended for anyone struggling with weight problems as heart disease is often linked to obesity and diet.

Cardiac MRIs have become a vital part of diagnosing and treating rampant heart disease in America. Don’t wait until you are having serious heart problems to have your first MRI done. Make time to talk to your doctor about heart health and contact SimonMed at 1-866-614-8555 today to learn more about cardiac MRI screenings for preventative health.

BY SimonMed April 4, 2022

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