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A Better Patient Experience with SimonMed Imaging

SimonMed Imaging

SimonMed has been in the diagnostic imaging business since 2003. We continue to focus on building our practice on the ideal of a better patient experience. We know that the results of your imaging can be life changing and we want to ensure that every part of your procedure is stress free and as comfortable as possible.

The Best Team Anywhere

Your diagnostic imaging center plays a large part in interpreting the results of your exam. To cut down on false diagnoses and improve treatment results, SimonMed made it a priority to bring together the top specialists from across many different fields. This means you have access to musculoskeletal experts, neurological experts, pediatrics experts, and more. Each sub-specialty provides added insight into test results and gives you a better chance of getting the answers you need right away.


Another important piece of the SimonMed imaging system is our focus on serving patients in the most convenient way possible. This is why we have branch locations throughout many major cities across the US, making it more convenient to find a SimonMed location close to you. We also have convenient hours so you can stop by before or after work for your scans and not disrupt your regular schedule. We offer walk in appointments for all x-rays and a few other procedures so you don’t have to worry about stiff appointment times. Just come in when you’re ready and check in with our friendly staff.

The Latest Technology

Finally, SimonMed is committed to providing patients with the best available technology on the market. This includes investing in the latest 3D mammogram technology, as well as open MRIs. We continue to keep an eye out for developments that show promise and bring in new technology whenever practical to give our patients access to all kinds of imaging resources.

SimonMed Imaging provides a unique patient-centered method of delivering diagnostic imaging. We work tirelessly to bring together a team of highly skilled specialists and offer patients more imaging options than ever before.

To enjoy the full benefits of diagnostic imaging from SimonMed, visit us online or call today at 1-866-614-8555 to speak with our medical team members and schedule your next exam.

BY SimonMed April 4, 2022

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