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SimonMed is a leader national provider in cardiovascular imaging with ultrasound, CT and MRI. We have an advanced program for cardiac CTA including post processing plaque characterization and burden quantification. Our equipment includes the most advanced available such as whole body-cardiac CT systems with incredibly fast rotation speeds and enhanced resolution. For cardiac MRI we have nearly 20 years experience in utilizing cardiac MRI with one of the first outpatient cardiac MRIs in the US. Cardiac MRI is one of the most accurate tools for the assessment of cardiac function, anatomy and heart tissue health or viability and can also be used to assess cardiovascular disease through stress examinations.

American College of Radiology

Why Choose Us

SimonMed Imaging and its affiliates have been serving the community for over 30 years. Our mission is to provide best-in class affordable care through the use of advanced technology. We have patient-focused staff and highly trained medical professionals.

SimonMed has over 160 convenient locations across 11 states and provides late night and weekend appointments to accommodate patients.

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