About Us


Since 1990, Mobile On-site Mammography has earned the respect and recommendation of the medical community, our patients, employers, community event sponsors, Federal, State, County, City government agencies and health insurance companies.

As of March 2019, Mobile On-Site Mammography is now a part of SimonMed Imaging. We are excited and dedicated to continue providing the highest level of quality on-site breast cancer screening services to the women of Arizona.

Our mission is to serve any woman who needs a mammogram by being easily accessible and convenient to use.

Mobile On-site Mammography by SimonMed Imaging is honored to be associated with the following types of “Sponsors” of our On-site early-detection breast cancer screening services to women:

  • Employers – Business, Federal, State, County, City
  • Medical Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals
  • Federal, State, County, City Healthcare Agencies
  • Community and Sports Events
  • Charitable Organizations and Foundations
  • Civic Organizations

Our goal is to provide on-site breast cancer screening services to all women in the cities and rural communities of Arizona.

Our Certification

Mobile On-site Mammography by SimonMed Imaging, its technical staff and equipment must adhere to strict standards of performance and process qualifications set by State, Federal and Professional Associations.

Mobile On-site Mammography, Inc.

  • American College of Radiology – Certificate of Accreditation
  • FDA – Certified Mammography Facility
  • State of Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency – Certificate of Mammography

Mammography Technical Staff

  • The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
  • State of Arizona Medical Radiologic-Technology Board of Examiners
  • Certified Radiology Technologist
  • Certified Mammography Technologist



Mammography Equipment

  • ACR/FDA Certified
  • State of Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency Certified

The Board Certified Radiologist who reads the films and issues reports is subject to accreditation and certification requirements of state and federal agencies as well as professional associations.