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Breast MRI

SimonMed is pleased to offer advanced breast MRI services. As a breast MRI patient at SimonMed, you’ll be cared for by a team of expert radiologists and technicians. This means you can count on us for accurate, reliable diagnoses—not to mention the safest, most comfortable care you’ll find anywhere.
Read below to learn more about MRIs and the important role they play in comprehensive breast care.

What is breast MRI?

With breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a scanning machine uses magnetic fields and radiowaves to create images of the breasts. SimonMed radiologists rely on MRI images to help diagnose breast cancer and identify other abnormalities of the breast first seen in traditional mammography or ultrasound. In other words, breast MRI doesn’t replace mammography or ultrasound—it enhances those technologies so SimonMed’s providers can give you the best possible care.

Who should receive a breast MRI?

A breast MRI may be an appropriate diagnostic tool for patients with:

  • A family history of breast cancer
  • Genetic markers associated with a higher risk for breast cancer
  • Dense breasts

In addition, breast MRIs are used to find out more about the size and extent of a tumor after a cancer diagnosis. Physicians also turn to breast MRIs to help them evaluate a patient’s response to chemotherapy, and to check on areas of the breast where cancerous tissue has been removed through surgery.
Breast MRI isn’t necessary for women with an average risk of breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, only women with a breast cancer lifetime risk score of 20% or greater are currently candidates for MRI screenings. Talk to your primary care provider about whether you’re at higher risk for breast cancer.

What happens in the breast MRI procedure?

Getting a breast MRI is a painless procedure that only takes about an hour. After checking in, you’ll be asked to remove all metallic objects, such as jewelry, hair clips, and earrings. Your SimonMed MRI technologist will also ask if you have any internal medical devices which contain metal, such as a pacemaker (certain devices may prevent you from having an MRI). Be sure to let your technologist know if you’re pregnant or may be pregnant, or if you have any other health conditions.
Before your MRI you’ll be given a contrast dye intravenously. This makes the images more visible and improves the accuracy of diagnoses.
To begin the scanning procedure, you’ll lie face down on a narrow table. Once you’re comfortable, the table will be positioned inside the MRI scanner. When scanning starts you’ll hear the machine making various thumping or whirring noises as the magnet switches on and off—you’ll have the option to use earplugs if the noise bothers you. It’s very important that you remain still during the scanning. If you feel the need to move, or have any questions about what’s happening, just let your technologist know.
Once your MRI is complete you can immediately return to your normal activities.
SimonMed offers a better breast MRI experience
At SimonMed, we’re constantly improving the quality of our services as well as the experience we give our patients. This is especially true with breast MRI. Here are two examples—the 3T MRI and the open MRI:
3T MRI— The standard MRI scanner has a magnetic field of 1.5T, with the “T” standing for Tesla—the unit of measurement for magnetic fields. SimonMed’s 3T MRI machine creates a magnetic field that’s twice as strong as 1.5T, and 10 times stronger than traditional open-bore MRIs. While the 3T MRI isn’t the right choice for every condition, its ability to pick up tiny details in the anatomy gives our radiologists a powerful new way to diagnose breast-related tumors. The 3T also delivers a faster scan, so patients can get on their way sooner.
Open MRI—For some patients, the close confines of the scanner can cause discomfort. SimonMed’s Hitachi Airis II MRI open MRI scanner offers a much wider bore—43.3 inches across—ideal for patients who prefer or require more room during the procedure.
The 3T MRI and the open MRI, like other forms of MRI, create imagery with magnetic fields and radio waves, not radiation, so there are no risks of radiation exposure.
Learn more about breast MRI at SimonMed
If your doctor has recommended that you get a breast MRI, we invite you to learn more about breast MRI at SimonMed. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.

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