Patient Education

Oncological imaging radiologist use special equipment and techniques to view detailed images of what is happening in the body at a molecular or cellular level. This type of medical imaging is often referred to as Nuclear Medicine. It is most often use to diagnose and manage the treatment of cancer, heart disease, degenerative brain disease, and other disorders of the lungs, bones, and kidneys.


Exams read by our Oncological Imaging Radiologists:

  • Pet Scans for cancerous conditions
  • Nuclear Medicine bone scans, brain imaging, parathyroid exams, kidney exams, infection imaging, and abdominal exams.
  • CT Scans of chest, abdomen, pelvis, and whole body scans.

Special Procedures read/performed by our Oncological Breast Imaging radiologists:

  • Nuclear medicine therapies for thyroid, palliative of care, and metastatic bone.